The iTaste MVP – A Modern Classic

The Innokin iTaste MVP is one of the most classic box mods to date. Released last year, this has been one of the most successful designs in the world of regulated vv/vw mods. The iTaste MVP features a fool proof and safe design that makes it ideal for beginners who are looking for their first regulated mod. In fact, the MVP is so good, we actually recommend them over the popular EGO batteries and starter kits.

iTaste MVP

The iTaste MVP is a simple design that is small enough to put in your pocket. The batteries are non-removable so you just recharge the entire unit. The milliamp hours are pretty high so if you just charge the device at night you shouldn’t ever be out of power. The device also features an external USB port so you can also charge your cell phone off the battery. This makes the device ideal for travel.

The button layout and LED screen are simple and easy to operate. There are 3 buttons – a fire button and two smaller buttons. The smaller buttons adjust the power output. You can set these to be wattage (recommended) or voltage. Moving the wattage up and down is preferred as the unit will automatically adjust the voltage. Doing this simply adjusts how warm you want the vapor to be.

If you set this in variable voltage mode, the wattage is fixed so you just dial it into the sweet spot. There’s less flexibility here obviously. Its included simply because its an older way of adjusting. You want to keep the device in variable wattage mode – this is where the device shines.

Check out this review on IronMouth for more details and where to find them in stock!

Turtle Ship Mod

RJ Mods is a company in Korea that’s putting out some of the most beautiful mods and RDA’s on the market. The Turtle Ship Mod is one of the most elegant mods that we’ve seen. The mod comes in either brushed brass or brushed stainless steel. It features a graphic of the famous Korean “turtle ship” on one side and script Korean writing on the other. If you’re familiar with the beautiful Zodiac mods that RJ Mods put out in the last year, this is toned down considerably with the graphics and actually makes a nice mod for someone who finds the Zodiac a little busy.

Turtle Ship Mod

Not only is the mod gorgeous but the functionality is amazing. This thing hits like a train – VERY low voltage drop on the mods that we’ve tested. The top cap has a floating pin and the bottom has a threaded plastic cap that you can adjust if you need to tighten the mod to fit your battery. The top part is adjusted by adjusting the center pin on your RDA. The only downside is that if you’re using an RDA with no center pin, you’ll have to fidget a little more to get the body snug with the battery.

But this mod is a monster and insanely beautiful. The clones are nice and can be found easily.

For mor information, check out:

The New ZNA

Zen has finally made his announcement – the brand new ZNA is in production and coming soon.

This folks, is a game changer.

This beautifully designed and built PV from Zen at

Influenced by 1930’s art deco – this $300 PV features a new DNA-30 chipset, a new connection standard (with a 510 adaptor) and a 316 Surgical Stainless Steel 18490 body tube.

If this has your drooling you can be sure to get one over at ElectonixStix

The entire 5 hour announcement is archived on YouTube-

Starting Out

Technology is a beautiful thing. We talk a lot on this blog about all the gadgets and cool things about vaping, but it can sometimes be a little tech-heavy and overwhelming for the beginner. One of the most asked questions we get from our readers is what to start with.

best electronic cigarette

It can be daunting, but the best electronic cigarette is probably going to be some kind of kit if you are just beginning. The reason why is this – you’ll need to have all of the essential things at one time. If you have any reason to go back to tobacco you probably will and the kit devices will have literally everything that you need. We all started on kits here and this is simply the best way to go if you are new to all of this.

A proper kit will have two batteries and a charger. If you are not using a battery make sure its charged. Dead batteries are not good when you get a nicotine craving. A decent kit will also include 2 different juice tanks – its also important to make sure you’ve got a variety when you are starting out. Getting bored will lead to wanting to smoke again.

So what’s the best electronic cigarette on the market now? Have a look and find the one that’s right for you:

Clones Vs Original Mods

Its kind of interesting to see all of the stuff coming out of China today. If you’re looking to save money – these folks will literally clone just about anything. If you’re into Mods this can be a great way to save money even though its somewhat ethically immoral. Riptrippers sums it up pretty well in his Chi-You comparison video.

So to clone or not to clone? Well the popular stuff I’ve noticed is usually sold out so this is where the clones come into play. Yes they are way cheaper as well.

Personally, I’d rather have the real thing. It holds value, feels right and will stand the test of time way better than the clones will.

Get A Vamo

Get a Vamo! That’s what everyone keeps saying – just get a vamo! Okay I’m finally ready to take the plunge and get the great variable voltage / variable wattage vape mod that everyone is talking about.

If you’ve somehow missed it – I found an awesome Vamo V5 review over at Vapor Mods. This review is for the Version 5, which at the time of writing this, is the latest Vamo.

Comes in silver brushed aluminum and gun metal. This thing looks amazing. I think the only downside is that there’s a lot of room taken up by the electronics which ends up making the thing a little long. But aside from that I think this Vamo is the way to go if you’re looking to buy one. You can always use it with an 18350 battery and keep the size down a little.

Vamo V5 Review

So what makes this a good mod? I think its the control combination. There are two small buttons that control the up and down of either the power or the voltage (depending on which mode you’re in) and a fire button. That’s it.

The Vamo is dead simple to use. I like the fact it has a horizontal screen so you’re not having to do some crazy move looking at the thing sideways. There are some good options as well and the two small buttons control all the menu scrolling.

Vapes well from what I’ve read. Mine is on order now! Check it out for yourself:

Kayfun Lite

Check out GrimmGreen’s review of the Kayfun lite. Apparently this little RBA was designed in Russia and built in Germany. Its not cheap by any means, but Grimm says its one of the best out there. In fact, his quote is forget budget hands – just get your money out and buy one.

I’m sold! However I can’t seem to find any in stock. I’ve found a few clones though so look around. If that doesn’t bother you, you can get a Kayfun lite clone for about a third of the price of the real thing.

Anyway – check out the video. Makes me want one!

Finally A Youde AGR+ Tutorial

The cool folks over at Vapor Mods have posted a complete set of instructions on how to put together the Youde AGR+!! If you haven’t tried one of these – you’re missing out. Its a cartomizer tank which is kind of old school – but the AGR+ is immaculately designed for air-flow. You have to try one of these to believe it – they are amazing. The vapor is beautiful – full but never harsh. There’s no metallic taste like you have sometimes – even with the Protank II. The vapor is warm and the flavor is intensely spot on. These are simply a dream.

The problem arises in that they are kind of strange to put together. They aren’t really intuitive so its common for people to make mistakes when assembling them. The first time I put mine together it vaped incredibly well for about an our – then complete flooding! I was so bummed out – I went through an entire 15ml bottle of e-juice flooding the fool thing and taking it apart. Juice literally was coming out the air-holes. I was seriously bummed about this.


But since I’ve figured out what I did wrong putting this thing together – I promise you that its NOT obvious. But check out the Vapor Mods tutorial – it explains everything very simply. You’ll be vaping nirvana in no time!

Checking Out The Kanger Protank 3

Kanger Protank 3

This is pretty interesting for you Protank users out there. Kanger has introduced the new Kanger Protank 3. I personally have been a big fan of the Protank series. The Version 1 was okay, but had some air flow issues. Then the Kanger Protank 2 came out and I was really impressed. In fact, this is my main tank and I have 4 of them that I vape with daily that hold various flavors. They are rebuildable too so its a cool tank for anyone that wants to tinker a little – OR just buy coils and have a great vaping experience.

So Kanger has this new Version 3. It looks very interesting, but don’t look at it as the next evolution to the Protank 2. First of all the Kanger 3 has a completely redesigned coil. That’s right! It features a dual coil design which in theory, will provide a much better performance up from the Protank 1 and Protank 2.

The first question anyone seems to ask is what is the coil compatibility. Folks this is a whole new thing. The sole reason you’d want to vape with these is for the dual coils so its not for poping in the singles that Kanger has made for these.

Mine is in the mail – I’ll put a full update on here as soon as I’ve had a chance to vape with it. But lets just say I’ve been really impressed with what Kanger has put out in 2013 and this new head is both really tempting and exciting!